A place of stuff and things


Touch ups.

Makin’ up.

There is already so much about me floating around this site and on the internets at large that I almost hate to add anything else here.

I am currently working as a mental health therapist in Blackpool–I specialise in depression and anxiety–and I also do some writing in my spare time.  I dabble in many things such as photography, jewellery-making, and various other whosits and whatsits.  I also am the Keeper of the Big Dog who is, all things considered, the love of my life.

Look ma, no paws.

Hovercraft Dog

Nothing I do is Earth-shattering, but I do a lot, so that should count for something, hm?

If you like what you see here or hate what you see here, let me know.  I like hearing stuff.

Everyone loves oopz'.

‘Avin’ oopz.


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